Connect your Magento online store with Photo Center 3D

Virtual Art Developers offers full integration of Photo Center 3D Online Editor with Magento 1 and Magento 2 online stores.

From here on, when you have a Magento online store you can improve your user experience by using the most advanced Online Editor for Photo Products (personalized gifts, t-shirts, frames, canvas, phone cases…), allowing the end user to design his own photographic products.

Customers can use layers of design, texts, backgrounds, shadows, clip-arts, borders, figures, masks, effects … (as if you were using a professional photo editor desktop software), along with QR codes, copyrighted images or personal photos of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Picasa …).

Once a design is completed, it can be viewed exactly the way it will be manufactured (thanks to Photo Center 3D’s pre visualization tool), so customers can confirm their orders with confidence and receive their products the way they designed them.

Print production workflows are also managed by the Client Print Manager software which is included with Photo Center 3D solution. Client Print Manager automatically generates layout designs for each order, and allows you to print orders directly to printers, including ICC color profiles management and control of copyrighted images from the gallery. Client Print Manager allows the manufacture of photo products using techniques of sublimation, 3d sublimation (vacuum ovens), digital and large format printing.

For further information contact the following email accounts. You will be automatically redirected to your local authorized dealer:

See below an example of a custom case design of the Apple “iPhone 5 / 5S”.